ReDiant® C5 and H7


The combined use of ReDiant® C5 Cleaner to flush sludge, corrosion products, and limescale from heating system circuits and ReDiant® H7 Protector to prevent corrosion, scale, and sludge formation restores and maintains the system efficiency, therefore resulting in:  

  • Energy saving of up to 15%, thus reducing direct or indirect greenhouse gas emissions and heating costs. 
  • Prolonged equipment lifespan, thus minimizing natural resource consumption in the whole life cycle of a heating system and nearly minimizing the need for the acquisition of heating system parts, costly repairs, professional cleaning, and maintenance. 
  • Prevents cold spots forming – ensures equal heat distribution across all heating surfaces.

The ReDiant® H7 does not contain highly hazardous materials such as carcinogenic borates, poisonous nitrites, environmentally persistent EDTA, as well as water pollution causing nitrates and phosphorus. 

The packaging of ReDiant® series products H7 and C5 is made from more than 80% of recycled plastic. 

ReDiant® helps to protect the planet – 1% of every sale will be donated to WWF-UK via Work for Good.